Group Therapy

group therapyOver the years we have found that Groups are a powerful tool in the healing process.  Humans are created for relationships.  Science is showing that this need for connection is built into our DNA.  A group of people who are sincerely struggling with similar issues can be a lifesaver.  Such a group does several things:

  • It reminds us we are not alone
  • It gives us a new perspective on our struggles
  • It provides encouragement along the journey
  • It teaches us valuable listening, empathy, and communication skills

Groups help to reduce feelings of isolation and give us a context for our healing.  We offer groups for: men  dealing with Love/Sex/PornAddiction,  women who are partners of a man dealing with Sex/Love/Porn Addiction and Affair Recovery.  We also offer groups on other topics:  anxiety, depression, trauma recovery.

Couples’ Groups help partners see their issues in a larger context.  Again, they see that they are not alone, that others struggle with the same issues.  Within each group are people who are “farther down the road” than you might be and others who are just starting their journey.  The power of mutual support, accountability, and insights cannot be over-stated.  We have seen it work miracles.  Couples who were convinced their struggles were unique and beyond resolution have been transformed by the collective power of the presence of fellow travelers.

Get in touch with us to see what groups we are offering right now that might meet your needs.

As unique as we all are, an awful lot of us want the same things. We want to shake up our current less-than-fulfilling lives. We want to be happier, more loving, forgiving and connected with the people around us.
- Brene Brown