Admitting to oneself that help from a therapist might be the best option during chaos is a huge step. At my first visit, Beth turned out to be the calming, non-judgmental person that I was hoping she would be. During the 1.5 years I saw Beth, she helped me through PTSD and marital concerns in such a way that I truly felt helped and healthy.


My wife and I could never find someone or some place safe enough for us to open up and be vulnerable. Beth provided that for us and we will forever be grateful.


Finding Beth Pascoe was the best thing that could have happened to my children. She was the only one capable of identifying and validating the struggles that my daughters had been dealing with for years. She connected with both of my daughters right from the beginning and was able to build a trust that they had lost due to previous experiences with other counselors. Beth offers the highest level of professional help; she is committed to the welfare of her patients and goes the extra mile for them.  The moment we met Beth, our lives took a path of hope.  I will always be grateful for her work, availability and dedication.

Ilenia N.

Beth and Sam are a wonderful team. Both are careful and compassionate listeners with sound, timely advice. They are well-researched in the area of personal and family conflict. Their passion seems to be to help people recover and live healthy, productive lives. Most importantly, they have treated us like family at a time when we felt so alone.  So many times they have gone out of their way to help us navigate difficulties both old and new. They have guided us through a time of incredible pain and suffering. They have shown us genuine kindness and love throughout our recovery. Beth and Sam truly care about their clients. They are simply the best.

D & S

It’s hard to know who to turn to when your world as you know it has been shattered into a million pieces. But Beth and Sam Pascoe helped my husband and I put those pieces back together. Through their genuine counsel and compassionate guidance, we are stronger than ever before, individually and as a married couple. Thank you Beth and Sam for being there to walk us through one of the darkest times of our marriage.

B & L

What a blessing it has been for my wife and I to have been counseled under the care of Sam and Beth Pascoe. They took the time to get to know the injuries that we could not unravel.  We tried other professionals without success. We have been restored with their tremendous and thoughtful counsel. We were guided through both group and personal sessions.  Now, my wife and I enjoy the love we once only dreamed of. We are forever thankful for their work.